Selection of participants 2020 - 2022

A panel of 8 scientists will evaluate all valid applications to NUCPHYS, following the approved selection criteria that are shown in the selection process section. The 8 panelists are:

  • A. Insolia (U. Catania)
  • J.M. Udías (U. Complutense Madrid)
  • L.M. Robledo (U. Autónoma de Madrid)
  • David Boilley (U. Caen)
  • A. Ramos (U. Barcelona)
  • L. Fortunato (U. Padova)
  • Stefano Romano (LNS Catania)
  • J. Gomez-Camacho (U. Sevilla)

J. Gomez-Camacho (U. Sevilla) will act as coordinator. The documentation sent by each applicant will be evaluated by three panel members. The average of the marks of the three panel members will be considered as a preliminary evaluation for each candidate. Panel members will also write comments on each candidate. The Selection Committee will use the score obtained in this step of the process to select the best 50 applicants to proceed to the next stage, where students will be interviewed via videoconferencing by one of the members of the Committee. The questions ask, and global evaluation criteria, will be previously agreed, so that the marks in the interview would be homogeneous. The ranking of the candidates will be completed, including the points of the interview, and the language level.

In order to ensure a wide representation of nationalities, no more than 2 candidates from the same country may be awarded with the scholarship (not applicable to India and China). 

The applicants will be classified as:

  • Group I: Applications of very good quality (score higher than 73 points out of 100). 
  • Group II - Reserve List -  Applications of good quality (score between 60 and 73 points out of 100). 
  • Group III: Applications of weak quality (score less than 60 points out of 100). 

The panel members consider that the available places in the master (25), with or without EU funding, should be offered first to the applicants in Group I, and if there are vacancies left, to the applicants in Group II, following the ranking order provided.

Applicants who did not pass to selection phase of the interview and applicants in the Group III will be  no longer considered for the master.

The first 15 applicants in Group I will be selected for EACEA scholarships based on the elegibility criteria set by the NUCPHYS consortium (3 programme country scholarships and 12 partner country scholarships). They will be notified and should reply the NucPhys secretariat if they accept the grant. There are 10 extra places in the master for self-financed students, The  candidates who have not been awarded with the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship fulfil the NUCPHYS admission  requirements  and  therefore are invited  to  register on a self‐funded basis in  the NUCPHYS master Intake 4  (2020/2022).

Universities in the Master consortium are looking for partial financial help for these students. This help is not defined yet, accepted students will be notified on the help when available. If the Master is not completed with students in Group I, Group II applicants (Reserve list) will be contacted.


Appeal procedure:


An appeal period opens until 31st May (12.00 CET). Those candidates wishing to apply for a reconsideration of the selection process must send an e-mail to until the specified date and hour indicated above .

Reasons to appeal must be duly justified and referring only to the documentation sent for the application. Before appealing, please read carefully the information contained in the section “Students application process regarding admission criteria and application procedure. Late, incomplete or incorrect applications are not reasons for appeal.

Note also that NUCPHYS receives a significant number of applications and therefore the process is very competitive. 


Acceptance List - Intake 2020/2022 - Call for application for EACEA scholarships

1 Filippo Angelini Programme-Country Italy
2 Kelvin Kai Wen Lee Partner-Country Malaysia
3 David Francis O' Reilly Programme-Country Ireland
4 Marvin Pau Axness Ferrando Programme-Country Spain
5 Gyang Davou Chung Partner-Country Nigeria
6 Elia Pilotto   Italy
7 Omar Hesham Mohamed Nasr Partner-Country Egypt
8 Thi Thao Vy Nguyen Partner-Country Vietnam
9 Nithish Kumar  Covalam Vijayakumar Partner-Country India
10 Gica Stefanescu Miralles   Spain
11 Cuán Mark de Barra (Barry)   Ireland
12 Osama Ahmad Partner-Country India
13 Yazeed Mohammad  Balasmeh Partner-Country Jordan
14 Monica Alejandra  Sanjinez Ortiz Partner-Country Bolivia
15 Saúl Cano    Spain
16 Craig Thomas Michie   United Kingdom
17 My Hoang Hoa Bui Partner-Country Vietnam
18 Carlos Eduardo Cocha Partner-Country Ecuador
19 Chimnaemerem Godwin Okolinta Partner-Country Nigeria
20 Ahmar Khaliq Partner-Country Pakistan
21 Harshith Babu   India
22 Judhistir Shamal   India
23 Samuel Ayodele Awelewa   Nigeria
24 Muhammad Wisal Abdullah   Pakistan


25 Mohamed  Alrazzouk   Syria
26 Shalkar Muratovich  Kazhykenov   Kazakhstan
27 Shahadat Hossain   Bangladesh
28 Akhror Hasan ugli Ortikov   Uzbekistan
29 Uche Francis Onah   Nigeria
30 Henry Chukwuka  Obidike   Nigeria
31 Chalchisa Degu Bekana   Ethiopia
32 Eze King Onwukwe   Nigeria
33 Hugo Vincent Delille   France
34 Sushil   Adhikari   Nepal
35 Arpan Khandelwal   India
36 Olugbenga David Olabiyi   Nigeria
37 Mario Belindo Pioh   Indonesia