Selection of participants


A panel of 9 scientists will evaluate all valid applications to NUCPHYS, following the approved selection criteria that are shown in the selection process section. The 9 panelists are:

  • A. Insolia (U. Catania)
  • J.M. Udías (U. Complutense Madrid)
  • L.M. Robledo (U. Autónoma de Madrid)
  • David Boilley (U. Caen)
  • B. Quintana (U. Salamanca)
  • A. Ramos (U. Barcelona)
  • L. Fortunato (U. Padova)
  • Stefano Romano (LNS Catania)
  • J. Gomez-Camacho (U. Sevilla)

J. Gomez-Camacho (U. Sevilla) will act as coordinator. The documentation sent by each applicant will be evaluated by three panel members. The average of the marks of the three panel members will be considered as a preliminary evaluation for each candidate. Panel members will also write comments on each candidate. The Selection Committee will use the score obtained in this step of the process to select the best 50 applicants to proceed to the next stage, where students will be interviewed via videoconferencing by one of the members of the Committee. The questions ask, and global evaluation criteria, will be previously agreed, so that the marks in the interview would be homogeneous. The ranking of the candidates will be completed, including the points of the interview, and the language level.

In order to ensure a wide representation of nationalities, no more than 2 candidates from the same country may be awarded with the scholarship. 

The applicants will be classified as:

  • Group I: Applications of very good quality (score higher than 75 points out of 100). 
  • Group II: Applications of good quality (score between 60 and 75 points out of 100). 
  • Group III: Applications of weak quality (score less than 60 points out of 100). 

The panel members consider that the available places in the master (25), with or without EU funding, should be offered first to the applicants in Group I, and if there are vacancies left, to the applicants in Group II, following the ranking order provided.

Applicants who did not pass to selection phase of the interview and applicants in the Group III will be  no longer considered for the master.

The first 16 applicants in Group I will be selected for EACEA scholarships.  They will be notified and should reply the NucPhys secretariat if they accept the grant. There are 9 extra places in the master for self-financed students, Students in Group that have not been rewarded with the scholarship will be contacted to know if they would accept to participate self-financed in the Master. Universities in the Master consortium are looking for partial financial help for these students. This help is not defined yet, accepted students will be notified on the help when available. If the Master is not completed with students in Group I, Group II applicants will be contacted.

Appeal procedure:

The applicants can appeal to the coordinator, in writing, for e-mail, within 48 hours of the final marks made public, indicating what item of the evaluation has not been properly done, and referring only to the documentation sent for the application.  The coordinator will reply by e-mail  to the appeal, accepting or rejecting it,  within 7 days. The e-mails of appeal and the responde of the coordinator will be added to the documentation sent to the EU.


Acceptance List - Intake 2018/2020 - Call for application for EACEA scholarships

1 Oyola Domínguez Pablo Programme - Country Spain
2 Martínez Cortés Tania Partner-Country  Mexico
3 Mishra Bharat Bhushan Partner-Country India
4 Rueda Rueda José Programme - Country Spain
5 Dinh Hoa Thi Partner-Country Vietnam
6 Christodoulou Pinelopi  Programme - Country Greece
7 Kochankovski Hristijan Programme - Country Fyrom
8 Peszka Joanna Maria - Poland
9 Simancas Di Filippo Adriana Partner-Country Venezuela
10 Venugopal Srambickal Chinmaya Partner-Country India
11 Bell Hechavarria Ailec de la Caridad Partner-Country Cuba
12 Najib Sumaiyah - Bangladesh
13 Kulii Yaroslav Partner-Country Ukraine
14 Yevarouskaya Uladzislava Partner-Country Belarus
15 Linares Fernández José Pablo Partner-Country Guatemala
16 Mingo Barba Sergio - Spain
17 Bernazzani Lorenzo - Italy
18 Pellumaj Julgen Partner-Country Albania
19 Mughal Abdul Mateen Partner-Country Pakistan
20 Moreno Jorge - Spain
21 Donglo Hope Partner-Country Ghana
22 Jodidar Praveen M. - India
23 Afify Aliaa Abdelnasser Madbouly - Egypt
24 Medina Peregrina Melissa - Mexico
25 Castro Benedict Zambales - Philippines
26 Muhammad Muhammad Abdullah Abdulfattah - Egypt
27 Ahmad Iftikhar - Pakistan
28 Yesman Aidan - Kazakhstan
29 Burlayenko Oleksandr Vyacheslavovich - Ukraine
30 Omeje Ilemona Sunday - Nigeria
31 Kenny Samuel  - Ireland
32 Mahmoud Ahmed Salman Ahmed - Egypt
33 Islam Md Toriqul - Bangladesh
34 Dong Wenling - China
35 Angeles Joven Paolo Dulay - Philippines
36 Hossain Shahadat - Bangladesh
37 Balkova Yuliia - Ukraine



Acceptance List - Intake 2018/2020 -Call for application for self funded students

1 Perus Adèle Jeanne France
2 Pérez Martín Patricia Spain

All the admitted students will shortly receive an acceptance letter to confirm their commitment to enroll in the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Nuclear Physics, by signing and returning the letter within 7 days from the reception of the letter. Those candidates who do not sign and return the letter within the set time limit, will automatically waive the right of being part of the master programme. 

After the deadline, in case there are still some available places, students from the reserve list will receive the acceptance letter. 

Those students who have been awarded with the EACEA scholarship must also confirm the acceptance of the grant. In the event of the resignation of any of the scholarships, it will be allocated to the next student of the correspondent category.