Fees and Funding

The participation costs requested from all students for the full Master course (2 years=120 ECTs) will be 18.000 EUR. Students’ participation costs have been calculated for 25 students and based on the implementation costs, that take into account the needs and means of the partners for the development of the Master Course. It should be noted that in all country members the amount requested to the students is smaller since the corresponding Ministry covers part of the actual expenses. Most funds can be used to support common activities, internship, etc. The student participation costs include:


  • Registration in the three host institutions, including academic resources and services of all the universities.

  • Language courses (in parallel or before the academic training)

  • Full insurance coverage

  • Issuance of Diplomas (Joint Master Degree, Diploma Supplement,)

  • Administrative costs


  • Living expenses

  • Transportation costs

  • Sworn translations and other administrative procedures

  • In the case of students awarded with an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, particiation fees are covered by the scholarship.

  • Self-funded students (those interested in pursuing the master without an Erasmus Mundus scholarship) are responsible of paying the fees and all costs derived from their participation in the master (e.g. accommodation, transportation, subsistence, etc.).*

                * Self-funded students can apply for scholarships from INFN (24000€) and from the region of Normandy (7500€). 2 scholarships from INFN are available covering both year. 12 region of Normandy scholarships are available covering the first year (2023-2024) and  a request is being made for the second year (2024-2025). Please see scholarships and contact us for more information.

Consortium Fee Waivers

NUCPHYS Consortium will provide support to non-EMJMD scholarship holders for the first and the second year, waiving part of the participation costs provided that the study results during the first year are satisfactory (Insurance, issuance of Diplomas,  required literature, accommodation, travel costs and fieldwork-related costs are not included in the amounts waived).

The exact amount of the Consortium fee waivers will be verified in the first months of each academic year. 2020/2022 students have benefited from a waiver of 70% of the participation costs. Please, note that the waiver amount may vary from one year to the other.

For the edition 2024-2026, we expect to offer a fee waiver of almost 50% in the first academic year. For the second academic year, it will depend on the performance of the student, with the possibility to arrive to an 85% reduction.