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Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD) Scholarships

There will be 15 Erasmus + Scholarships per edition of the Master Course. Out of these, 12 will be for partner country students and 3 for programme country students. Without prejudice to high academic standards, the Consortium shall respect the following basic criteria when selecting students for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship: No more than two of the students selected for an Erasmus Mundus scholarchip should have the same nationality.

The Master scholarships from the ERASMUS + program include:


Partner Country scholarships¹

Programme Country scholarships²

Contribution to travel, installation and any other type of costs

up to € 3500 per year for travel & installation costs for scholarship holder resident in a partner country.

up to € 1000 per year per scholarship holder resident in a Programme Country for travel & installation costs

Contribution to subsistence costs (for both Programme and Partner Country scholarship holders)

€ 1000 / month for the entire duration of the EMMC study programme (24 months maximum)

Contribution to participation costs

€ 18000 and € 9000, for partner country students and programme country students, respectively, for the entire duration of the EMMC study programme (24 months) (this will cover mainly the inscription costs in the Master, but also the issuance of the final Diplomas and Diploma supplements (multiple), and organization of extra-curriculum activities)

Contribution to subsistence costs will not be given to:

  • Scholarship holders for the EMMc periods (study/research/placements:thesis preparation) spent in their country of residence;
  • Partner Country scholarship holders for the EMMC periods exceeding three months (i;e the equivalent of  15 ECTS credits) spent in any Partner Country.

¹Partner Country scholarships can be awarded to masters students selected by EMMC consortium who come from a country other than an eligible applicant country and who are not resident nor have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of these countries.

² Programme Country scholarships can be awarded to any master student selected by EMMC consortium coming from: any of the 28 EU Member States, EEA-EFTA States (Iceland, Liechtenstein & Norway), Turkey and the Republic of North Macedonia.

Examples of calculation of Scholaships can be found at,


Consortium Fee Waivers

NUCPHYS Consortium will provide support to non-EMJMD scholarship holders for the first and the second year, waiving part of the participation costs provided that the study results during the first year are satisfactory (required literature, accommodation, travel costs and fieldwork-related costs are not included in the amounts waived).

The exact amount of the Consortium fee waivers will be verified in the first months of each academic year. 2020/2022 students have benefited from a waiver of more than 70% of the participation costs. Please, note that the waiver amount may vary from one year to the other.

The number of scholarships for the 2021/2023 intake will be up to 9. All applicants are automatically considered for these scholarships – an application is not required.


Other Grants /Scholarships

Self-paying students who comply with the relevant requirements can apply to Erasmus + Learning Mobility of Individuals (LMI) between Programme Countries. All students who were not selected for the Erasmus + Scholarships can apply for an Erasmus mobility grant, according the rules of each university/country:

  • From University of Seville, students can receive a 6 months mobility grant to cover their stay in Caen during S3 or in S4 for the Master Thesis.
  • From University of Catania, students can receive a 6 months mobility grant to cover their stay in Caen during S3 or in S4 for the Master Thesis.
  • From University of Padova, students can receive a 6 months mobility grant to cover their stay in Caen during S3 or in S4 for the Master Thesis.

For general scholarships, please check:

Further options:

The Erasmus+ Master Loam is now available from banks inFrance, Spain, UK and Luxembourg. The loan is to help posgraduated dtsudents with their living and tuition costs when studying in a country other than where thet live or where they took they first degree. Learn more about them loan and whether you are eligible here:


Further options for scholarships are listed in the NEWS section of this web page



The students or professionals who want to pursue one or two years of studies in France at the Master’s degree level are eligible to apply for the scholarship. There are two kinds of scholarships offered at Master’s level based on merit.


1. Charpak AME Scholarship (Allocation Mensuelle d’Entretien)

  • Living allowance of 700 euros

  • Student visa and Etudes en France fee waiver 

  • Tuition fee waiver upto 5000 euros

  • Assistance to find affordable student accommodation (priority access to CROUS residencies, subject to availability)

2. Travel Grant

  • One-way air ticket in economy class from India to France

  • Student visa and Etudes en France fee waiver 

  • Social security

The interested candidates must submit their application on the online scholarship portal The last date for submitting the applications is Friday, 17th April 2020


For more information, please visit the Campus France India website